As a rider, trainer, and clinician, I am dedicated to using my knowledge and skills to help facilitate and support true partnerships, based on positive communication and connection, between horses and their people. I consider the practice of the following principles of utmost importance in the study and development of partnership between a horse and rider;

  • a fair and methodical system of pressure and release,
  • an effective balance between guidance and allowance,
  • a maximization of the alignment between horse and rider to achieve centeredness and synergy.

My system of training prioritizes these principles because they promote agility, gracefulness, lightness, confidence, and most of all, trust- within both the horse and rider. In addition, the majority of “issues” that may arise between a horse and rider can also be effectively resolved through the study and practice of these principles. Tension and braces can be lessened, relaxation and suppleness can be improved, trust can be recovered, and true partnership can be experienced and strengthened. From this foundation, the horse and rider’s potential can be realized, both individually and together.

I am devoted to guiding and supporting each student and horse on their individual journey with a kind, effective system of training.